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Nintendo 3ds giveaway + pokemon games.

prizes; a purple 3ds. pokemon x & y. pokemon white 2. pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity.

- must be following me
- reblog as many times as you want
- likes don’t count
- international / worldwide shipping
- keep your ask box open at all times
- any questions, inbox me.

deadline is October 16th. good luck.



celebrities that get more shit than they should:

  • nicki minaj
  • ke$ha
  • miley cyrus
  • lorde
  • lindsay lohan
  • taylor swift

celebrities that don’t get enough shit:

  • justin bieber
  • nash grier
  • justin bieber

notice how the first list is all women leading the industry. notice how the second list is two teenage boys who think they run shit but they’re hurting people.


Because people have been so generous and kind today, I decided to put together a little giveaway. It’s a small, blue button up shirt, a large blue sweater, a 6 in packer with a flex rod(that’s never been used, no worries), and packing straps. This is for the trans masculine followers I have.
Only rules are that you’re: 18+ years old and you gotta be following my blog.
Both reblogs and likes count.
This will end on September 27th. I’ll pick randomly from the notes.

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