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OK, so I’m giving away my binder, the one in the picture (obviously). I don’t know the model of it or whatever, but it’s an Underworks chest binder tank top, and it’s in a size small (32-35). The way you find out the size is you measure under the bust line, and then measure the fullest part of your chest, and then find the average.

I bought it at the end of March of this year, and I’ve worn it three times, the longest of which was about four hours. So it’s pretty damn new. It’s amazingly comfortable; difficult to put on until you get the hang of it, but once it’s on and you’re walking around and whatever, you forget it’s even there. I’d definitely recommend it, it’s brilliant.

Alright, so reblog this if you want it, and if you’re reblogging it for your followers to see, just say something when you reblog it so I know not to include you. I’ll give it until 29th of August, so hopefully it’ll give more people a chance to see. You don’t have to follow me, and I’ll pay for shipping to anywhere in the world, but keep in mind that if you’re not from the UK, it’ll take longer to get to you.

Reblog if you have a gaming device of any kind








I just want to test the gamer side of Tumblr



I have every xbox

I have every Playstation

Are there really people that have no gaming device at all???

Computers can play games.

You either reblog this or you’re a liar.

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Hi, my name is Benjamin Brage and I’m a DFAB trans man and a literature major at Florida Atlantic University. I’m in the process of transitioning and am unfortunately having a hard time finding a steady job, so I’m asking for help with donations to help transition (clothes, binders, etc.).

However, I’m not expecting you to go away empty-handed. For every person who reblogs this and leaves an ask in my inbox reminding me, I will make a post rating and tagging their blog. If you donate a certain amount, you can get rewards, which I will detail below the cut.

Thank you for supporting me! (Note: if I ever have spare money, I will donate it to other people who are transitioning, and will feature them on my blog, too!)

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I’ve got a lot of questions about college.

Such as: If I go to a university that only offers a Bachelor’s degree for Graphic Arts, does that mean I’ll have to take two years of bullshit classes?

If the college offers the Bachelor’s degree for “Graphic Arts, with concentrations: Graphic communication, Studio Art,” should I look for another college for video game design + development /design +programming?

How will I ever understand how to apply for a loan/grant, and what grants/loans are there and how do I qualify for them?


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